Nov 3, 2016


Run Review Wednesday, September 20, 1700

TOPIC: Respiratory Review

BLS Skills: King Airway & CPAP skills sign off's

Recurrent Safety Training: Tuberculosis


BLS CPR October 10, 2017 1300







About Us

Trinity County Life Support is a non-profit. We serve a large rural/frontier area, traveling many miles -- over the river and through the woods – safely.  Established in 1993, dedicated to providing quality pre-hospital care and transport. 

As we approach 25 years of service, we strive to

  • Move from non-profit to a structure or affiliation that allows access to critically needed reimbursement programs
  • Attain paramedic critical care training and certification to best serve patients under our care 
  • Implement in-house health and fitness for a staff safe and fit to meet the physical demands of EMS response
  • Build training center personnel and capabilities

Trinity County is 3,125 square miles of forested mountainous terrain sheltering small rural communities, containing large areas of wilderness, with wild and scenic river frontage winding along the highway. Conditions are challenging and rewarding. Transports can be short to local Trinity Hospital in Weaverville, or 60+ miles.




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