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Susie Smith

Flight Nurse


My name is Susan Smith "Suzie", and I have worked alongside as a team with Trinity County Life Support (TCLS) and all of the volunteers since 1981 as a Critical Care Flight Nurse. My first thought is that I cannot imagine Trinity County without the advanced EMS services they currently receive. 

This summer was one of the most tragic, traumatic injury summers I have experienced in your area. I have spent nights awake thinking about the trauma both physical and emotional/spiritual the patients and the care givers have endured. The level of care given by the crews is continually growing with education and desire to be better care givers. I know there would have been more fatalities in your area without the expertise of TCLS. The advanced practices that are being deployed in your area are life-saving. TCLS has become a critical care transport ambulance. They not only provide this advanced care to those that call 911 but also to patients requiring critical care services as they are transferred to out of the area hospitals for higher levels of care. As we all know this is much needed in your area with low visibility and the inability of an aircraft to get in.  I personally travel to the coast frequently and go through this area. I am reassured to know that if my family needed medical assistance for anything, TCLS would be there for us.


Cavalli Fam Pic


The Cavalli Family
Hayfork, CA


When we woke up to our daughter, who was just 8 months old, having a complex febrile seizure it was like a nightmare. Living in our rural area is a blessing for our family, but having four children and knowing at best your closet emergency room is forty-five minutes away is one of my biggest fears as a mother. 

That night there was nothing we could do to help our daughter, having Trinity County Life Support (TCLS) saved her life. They were able to provide the medical care that she needed that moment, they were able to stop the seizure that had lasted over 10 minutes and showed no sign of stopping on its own. We had no one else around who could help for miles and miles. 

After that, first experience we found out that our daughter could have another seizure whenever she ran a fever. Sure enough 7 months later we woke up to another seizure. TCLS not only showed up again quickly but also remembered our daughter and her history and had a helicopter on its way. They were compassionate, vital, and efficient while helping our little girl. Knowing that we could rely on their help is so critical.

While we hope that we won’t not need to make any more 1:00am nightmare calls to Trinity County Life support, we know we could need to at any time and I cannot imagine not having that as an option. It would be absolutely devastating to my family and to our community! 

Thank you to everyone who came to our rescue those nights! EMTs, Paramedics, Volunteer Fire, Cal-Fire, TCSO, and anyone else who helped in some way. And know our family will support Trinity County Life Support any way we possibly can!




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