Trinity Life Support

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Mission Statement

Trinity County Life Support’s Mission is to provide the highest level of advanced life support pre-hospital emergency medical services to our community, and to assist in the education and training of our local fire departments, schools, and the general public on health and safety issues

Trinity County Life Support is a non-profit 911 emergency ambulance service. Established in 1993, we serve a large rural/frontier area, focused on safe response, high quality advanced life support care, and safe and dependable transport.

Trinity County is 3,125 square miles of forested mountainous terrain sheltering small rural communities, containing large areas of wilderness, with wild and scenic river frontage winding along the highway. Conditions are challenging and rewarding. Transports can be short to local Trinity Hospital in Weaverville, or 60+ miles.

Trinity County Life Support crews are providing emergency care that makes a difference in patient outcomes and in their in quality of life.

The TCLS team of caregivers shares a commitment to provide the best care, to do the right thing to help each patient. Important updates in patient care protocols provide expanded tools and capabilities to make that difference.

TCLS also serves as a public safety training center. Over the last 10 years we’re training an average of over 300 persons per year in courses including EMT, Public Safety First Aid, and American Heart Association Basic Life Support, First Aid, and CPR.


Trinity County Life Support, non-profit since 1993, will transition ambulance operations to a new structure, Trinity Life Support Community Service District, on July 1, 2021. 

District fiscal year begins July 1, as does the voter-approved tax revenue to support district operations.

Caregivers, existing and newly elected board members, and staff appreciate so very much the opportunity to remain viable and continue ambulance operations. 

To address recruitment and retention challenges we are committed to attaining the additional funding required to give 24-hours pay for a 24-hour ambulance shift and to implement a less stressful and fatiguing shift structure.  

There is much work to be done and great focus on the goal, high quality advanced life support ambulance service 24/7!


Become a Trinity County Life Support Member

Check out our plans starting as low as $40 for an individual and $50 per family.

Trinity County Life Support

Ground Ambulance Only

$ 40
  • $50 For Family

Trinity County Medical Transport Alliance

Ground & Air Ambulance
$ 150
  • The TCMTA membership is only offered to the residents of Trinity County.
  • The TCMTA membership is only available within the Trinity County Life Support service area.


Business / Group Discounts:
ground, ground and air

  • Trinity County Life Support (Ground Only) has discounted rates for groups of 15 or more.
  • Please contact our life support coordinator for details.